• Overview

    Dentistry is changing, and to stay at the forefront, ongoing education is key. Our digital dentistry training course provides an in-depth look at current tools, techniques, and approaches that are central to today’s dental practices. This lecture based course is designed for experienced professionals, ensuring you have the expertise to thrive in the digital age. Secure your place in our program to enhance your practice’s future.

    • Fundamentals of the Digital Dentistry Workflow
    • Bite registration and VDO adjustments 
    • Surgery day overview
    • Case management, design and manufacturing options
    • Practice Management

    Hands-on Segments

    • IOS full-arch scanning
    • Putty mush bite impression technique
    • 3D Facial Scanning

    Practice Management and Digitization: 

    • Learn to digitize patient records seamlessly.
    • Understand the nuances of managing resources effectively.
    • ​​Equip yourself with the latest advancements in dental technology.

    Clinical Excellence and Technological Proficiency:

    • Master the art of digital treatment planning.
    • Explore digital solutions for both basic and complex restorations. 
    • Gain insights into comprehensive full-arch treatments.

    Patient Care and Dental Practice Leadership:

    • Focus on delivering consistent, high-quality dental services. 
    • Emphasize maintaining a high standard of dental care. 
    • Build patient trust and position your practice as a leader in advanced dental technologies.

  • Course Objectives

    Fundamentals of the Digital Dentistry Workflow:

    • Intake records acquisition using 3D Facial scanner and IOS
    • Why 3D facial scanning is essential for full arch restorations
    • Shortcomings of 2D photography for full arch restorations
    • Facial scanners market overview and how they are all different
    • Advantages of using a multi-functional facial scanner
    • Use of IOS to capture precise implant position using InstaRisa components
    • IOS full-arch scanning – HANDS ON
    • Treatment plan using 3D facial scans and multiple lip positions
    • Analog vs. Digital Workflows (with and without Photogrammetry)
    • Records capture for Overdentures, Dentures, All-on-X

    Bite Registration and VDO Adjustments:

    • Proper techniques to capture bite registration
    • Putty mush bite impression technique – HANDS ON
    • Methods to verify establishment of proper VDO including techniques to correct inadequate VDO
    • 3D Facial Scanning HANDS ON

    Surgery Day Overview:

    • Best practices for Alveoplasty and Osteotomy
    • Placement and utilization of fiducial marker
    • Surgical day records alignment options and techniques
    • Protocols for All-on-X including immediate load prosthesis
    • MUA Selection and how/when to switch

    Case Management, Design and Manufacturing Options:

    • Portal overview, case submission and lab communication
    • Outsourced manufacturing vs. in-house lab
    • Aesthetic and functional 3D smile design overview
    • Fundamentals and best practices for milling, printing, stain & glaze and finishing preliminary and final restorations
    • Screw channel design including direct to MUA vs. tibases

    Practice Management:

    • Patient consultation and scheduling
    • Case acceptance and expectation setting best practices
    • Billing, pricing and options to provide patients
    • Practice marketing and handling inbound calls from new patie

  • Schedule

    Day One: TBA

    Day Two: TBA

  • Exploring Digital Dentistry Applications

    The All-on-X Digital Workflow offers specialized applications tailored for various dental procedures. By implementing InstaRisa’s advanced All-on-X workflows, your treatment planning becomes more efficient and precise in the following areas:

    • Diagnostics: Quicker and more accurate problem identification.
    • Routine restorations: Simplified procedures for fillings and crowns.
    • Full-arch treatments: Efficient planning for comprehensive treatments.
    • Dental implant treatments: Precision in implant placement.
    • Dentures: Tailored designs for individual patient comfort.
    • Implant dentures: Simplified and precise design and placement processes.

    By adopting these digital dentistry methods, you can significantly optimize your practice’s efficiency, reducing patient visit frequency while ensuring consistent and precise results that enhance patient trust. This approach fosters collaboration among dental professionals, allowing you to benefit from a more comprehensive and integrated approach to patient care, fully embracing the advantages of All-on-X digital solutions in your dental practice.