Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your 3.0 3D Facial Scanner cost?

$19,000 ($16,000 without laptop)

Is it necessary to use InstaRisa digital workflows to use the facial scanner?

No. But doing so will maximize your efficiency and accuracy, and save you the most money over time.

What if I already use photogrammetry?

Several practices use both photogrammetry and our 3D facial scanner.

If I purchase your scanner, how do I learn to use it?

The best way to learn to use our 3.0 3D Facial Scanner is by attending one of our digital workflow courses. Please see our course calendar to choose a date.

I don’t perform full-arch cases. Is your scanner useless to me?

Not at all! Our 3D Facial Scanner will help you deliver 2-appointment dentures, plus make many of your favorite procedures more efficient and predictable.

I have other questions. Can I speak to someone?

Yes, please contact us by email or call using the contact details provided on the contact page.

Will this save me time?


  • NO more messy FULL-ARCH conversions
  • NO broken, chipped, or cracked restorations
  • NO verification jigs
  • NO bite registrations needed at surgery
  • NO wax try-ins
  • NO midlines that are off-centered
  • NO more canted smiles
  • NO grinding in the occlusion
  • NO facebows or 2D photos necessary
  • NO implant impressions at the time of surgery
  • NO more traveling lab techs for conversions
  • Allows patients to preview smile prior to treatment
  • Increases patient case acceptance
  • Increases full-arch productivity with confidence
  • Minimizes appointments for overdentures, full-arch cases, and dentures
  • Saves time and $$$

Will this replace photogrammetry?

  • Only requires an IOS device and the InstaRisa 3D scanner to utilize the revolutionary workflow
  • Provides multiple uses: facial scanner, bite scanner, and bench top scanner
  • Results in beautiful and strong (milled or printed) monolithic conversion-less full-arch restorations
  • Powerful photogrammetry alternative