Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of service. With so many fantastic laboratory offerings, we decided to remain focused on the core of our solution, a facially-driven design.

Design services are limited to full-arch implant restorations, dentures, and overdentures. We have attained production partners to deliver a complete service to our providers at pre-negotiated rates.

Access to our service requires attendance to an InstaRisa course and an understanding of required records for each phase of the treatment. With the correct digital records, we can support you throughout the delivery of the final restoration.

Implant-based restorations

Our AOX service is inclusive of three phases involved in full-arch restorations:

  1. Facially-driven pre-design: Customized restorations are designed to meet aesthetic and functional requirements.
  2. Digital Conversion: Submitted surgical records are aligned to the pre-operative design and digitally converted for local printing.
  3. Prototype to final conversion: Once the tissue is healed, final adjustments are made prior to producing the final restoration.
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