Navigating the fast-paced evolution of dentistry can be daunting, especially when incorporating new digital tools. That’s where InstaRisa steps in; our services are all about making things simpler and smoother for you. We understand that embracing digital dentistry isn’t merely about having advanced equipment—it’s about optimizing its potential within your established practices. 

From the initial setup to everyday questions, we’re your dedicated support system. Our comprehensive services prioritize smooth integration, effective troubleshooting, and ensuring you’re consistently informed of industry advancements. 

With InstaRisa, you gain more than just tools—you gain a partnership. Together, we’ll elevate your practice, ensuring efficient, top-tier dental care. Join us in leading the future of dentistry.

Tailored Onboarding

Each dental practice possesses distinct characteristics and challenges. With that in mind, InstaRisa delivers a customized onboarding process for every dental professional. We prioritize aligning the integration of the InstaRisa scanner and our course insights to the individualized goals and needs of each practice.

The sessions are tailored to fit the pace and preference of the dental team. We ensure that the scanner and software seamlessly integrate into the practice’s current workflow.

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Continuous Technical Support

In the rapidly changing tech landscape, reliable support is paramount. At InstaRisa, our focus is on ensuring you’re always supported:

  • 24/7 Helpline: Our dedicated team stands ready to address any technical issues or concerns.
  • Remote Assistance: Qualified experts can remotely connect to your systems, offering timely solutions and reducing downtime.
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Hands-on Training Workshops

Though our courses impart in-depth theoretical knowledge, mastering practical applications is equally essential. InstaRisa’s training workshops are crafted to hone hands-on skills and instill confidence.

Interact directly with our scanner and software in a controlled setting, all while benefiting from expert supervision. This ensures a smooth transition when you implement these skills in your practice.

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Resource Library Access

To support continuous learning, InstaRisa offers an extensive resource library. This includes:

  • Video Tutorials: Detailed guides on the scanner, software, and related tools.
  • Case Studies: Showcasing the tangible benefits of integrating digital dentistry.

FAQs: An organized list of frequent queries, paired with their comprehensive responses.

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Community Building

Joining InstaRisa means you’re integrated into a community dedicated to digital dentistry excellence. Our community-building initiatives include:

  • Networking Events: Connect with peers, exchange insights, and expand your professional network.
  • Webinars: Engage with industry leaders discussing contemporary trends and effective strategies.
  • Feedback Forums: A space to voice experiences and suggestions, ensuring InstaRisa remains responsive to our community’s needs.
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Practice Management Integration

Implementing a new tool or technique isn’t just about the clinical aspect; it’s also about ensuring that it fits seamlessly into the practice management system. InstaRisa supports dentists with:

  • Software Integration: Ensuring that the scanner and course insights are easily integrated into existing practice management software.
  • Workflow Optimization: Guidance on refining processes, optimizing the advantages of the new methodologies.
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Ongoing Updates and Upgrades

Digital dentistry is continuously advancing, emphasizing the importance of current tools and expertise. In the dynamic realm of technology, having access to the most recent innovations is paramount. At InstaRisa, our dedication to excellence ensures that we provide regular software updates, optimizing your tools for utmost efficiency. 

Additionally, in an ever-evolving field, our refresher courses are designed to bolster your knowledge, ensuring you remain informed and proficient. With InstaRisa as your partner, maintaining a competitive edge becomes standard practice.

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Questions or Starting Troubles? We’re Here to Help!

InstaRisa’s mission extends beyond mere product or course provision. We aspire to be a collaborative partner, enabling every dentist to maximize the advantages of digital dentistry.

Blending consistent support, continuous learning avenues, and community engagement, InstaRisa sets the gold standard for modern dental professional support. Partner with us, and together, let’s elevate dental care standards.

Call us to schedule your case today at 888-302-7472.

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