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All-on-X Digital Workflow Master Course

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Join us for our 2-day All-on-X Digital Workflow Master Course: a comprehensive course designed to equip dental professionals with essential skills in the latest aspects of modern digital dentistry. This course covers everything from digital record-keeping and treatment planning to advanced dental restoration techniques, ensuring a complete understanding of the All-on-X workflow.

By the end of this course, you will be fully equipped to revolutionize your practice with our innovative 3D planning techniques, saving time, enhancing efficiency, and elevating the level of care you offer to your patients. Our goal is not just to educate but to empower you to excel in the ever-changing landscape of dental technology.

Course Highlights

  • Practice Management and Digitization:Learn to digitize patient records seamlessly.
    Understand the nuances of managing resources effectively.
    ​​Equip yourself with the latest advancements in dental technology.
  • Clinical Excellence and Technological Proficiency:Master the art of digital treatment planning.
    Explore digital solutions for both basic and complex restorations.
    Gain insights into comprehensive full-arch treatments.
  • Patient Care and Dental Practice Leadership:Focus on delivering consistent, high-quality dental services.
    Emphasize maintaining a high standard of dental care.
    Build patient trust and position your practice as a leader in advanced dental technologies.


Dentistry is changing, and to stay at the forefront, ongoing education is key. Our digital dentistry training course provides an in-depth look at current tools, techniques, and approaches that are central to today’s dental practices. This lecture based course is designed for experienced professionals, ensuring you have the expertise to thrive in the digital age. Secure your place in our program to enhance your practice’s future.

All-on-X Workflow Course Objectives

  • Fundamentals of the Digital Dentistry Workflow
  • Bite registration and VDO adjustments
  • Surgery day overview
  • Case management, design and manufacturing options
  • Practice Management

Hands-on Segments

  • IOS full-arch scanning
  • Putty mush bite impression technique
  • 3D Facial Scanning